Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday: Breaking Rules

It seems like every time I hang out with one of my more fashion-forward friends, I learn about new rules. 
You can't wear brown and black at the same time
Your shoes must match your belt (bonus points if your bag matches too!)
No mixing metals. Silver jewelry or gold, but never both

And of course, the infamous, daunting rule of all rules: no white after Labor Day

Admittedly I'm not the most fashionable, and I'm not known to be a rule-follower either, but no white after Labor Day? Ever? Reaallllyyyy??? Ever? 

To all you stylish readers, I hate to break your hearts, but this rule is garbage. Absolute garbage. 

So today -- October 11th -- I am wearing white. LOTS of white. 
Today's outfit consists of some pretty Kristen-esque pieces: a white lacy maxi dress from Forever 21, a black cardigan from Costco (affordable is my favorite trend), and my go-to accessory, a statement J.Crew feather headband. 

This dress cost $20 (TWENTY!) and brings in the compliments like you wouldn't believe. I can't walk ten feet in this dress without someone telling me how much they love it. But let's be honest... what's not to love? 

The dress is a sheer white slip (and when I say sheer, I mean sheer. As in, anything short of nude underwear that's your exact skin tone will show through this baby like a neon sign) with a long lace overlay that's loosely gathered at the waist. The lace is patterned with small white dots and a floral panel where the shift ends, and beautiful crocheted detailing at the bottom. 

For those of you who find yourselves intimidated by maxi-dresses, this is the perfect piece to ease your way into longer dresses and skirts. It's long and trendy, but simultaneously girly, soft, and universally stylish. The short dress with a longer overlay style also also helps counteract the "drowning in fabric" look that can make maxi dresses so tricky. Whether you're preppy, boho, or even a little grungy, you could find a way to style this dress and still look comfy, fashion-forward, and easy-breezy-beautiful. 

Because of my fear of anything even remotely daring, I paired this simple dress with a long, solid, crew neck cardigan, a feather detailed headband, and simple, natural makeup. It's a little bit preppy, a little bit indie, a little bit monochromatic, and a whole lot of comfy, simple, and I-look-like-I-tried-way-harder-than-I-did. 
But that's the point of maxi dresses, right? 

Paired with a classic but eye-catching piece like this headband, this outfit is simple and bold at the same time. That's all I can ask for. 
This headband is so easy and classic. It doesn't obnoxiously stick out of your head, but makes such a statement.
Plus... monochromatic feathers? The J. Crew accessories section can do no wrong.
I may have broken the labor-day rule, but as far as I'm concerned, come fall, summer, or even the middle of winter, with classic, simple, black and white pieces, you can never go wrong!

Much ruv, 

PS: Can we acknowledge how great of a job Nate has been doing as my personal fashion photographer? Once he realized that pictures look better in focus he's been rocking it!

It just took him a few tries to get the hang of things.... 

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