Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19: Girlfriends

I hate to be one of those girls who just "can't be friends with girls," but almost all of my friends are boys. I'm not sure why I don't have many girlfriends, and it's not that I don't love my male friends to pieces (I really do), but since starting college I have spent very little time in the presence of other women, and sometimes it makes me wish that I was a "girls' girl" - the type of girl that other girls want to be friends with.

Maybe it's me, maybe it's them, but for one reason or another, I just have trouble making girlfriends. Sigh.

So how do you say Cianan's name? KEE-nan. Cute, right? 
Enter Cianan. 

Cianan is the perfect girlfriend. She's fun, vibrant, brutally candid, wicked smart, and not to mention sexy as hell. She's the girl you want there helping you write a resume, but also the girl you want to go out with on a Friday night. She's a shoulder to cry on, a constant pleasure to be around, and a loyal, compassionate, just downright awesome friend. And a girlfriend nonetheless!

After not seeing her for some time, yesterday I got to catch up with Cianan, and was reminded of the value of having just one good girlfriend who you know will always be there. Someone who understands you, listens to you, and answers the phone no matter why you're calling. 

Cianan and I had oodles of fun, but after our day together (and a fun night together too! Stay tuned for pictures below), I realized that friendship isn't about having girls in your life or guys in your life. Friendship is about having people in your life who will share the good, the bad, and all of the in between with you. Cianan is the perfect friend not because she's my girlfriend, but because she cares about me and makes me feel happy to be myself. At the end of the day, that's all anyone really wants in a friend.

And I have that.  

Much ruv,

Pre-Friday night frat party. Such a fun night!

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