Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Thoughts: October 13

Baked goods and I have a complicated relationship. 

There's a little bit of love, a little bit of hate, and a one-sided concern on my part regarding my baked counterpart's caloric contents. Poor baked goods. It's not their fault they're so darn bad for you. 

But we all love things that are bad for us. Some of us love men and women who don't treat us the way we deserve to be treated (certainly not a problem I have, luckily!), some of us love going out and getting wasted on weekends (again, another problem I actually have no experience with), and some of us just loved scones. 

All things considered, scones seem like a pretty safe bet in comparison to emotional trauma and alcohol poisoning. 

Espresso scones made with semi-sweet chocolate chips and an espresso sugar glaze -- YUM!
So, this Sunday the some of the women of the Barkley Forum (Emory University's debate society/my favorite group of people in the whole world) got together and we made scones. 

SO many scones!

We made cranberry hazelnut scones, toasted coconut mango scones, and my personal favorite, espresso chocolate chip scones with an espresso glaze. 


All the scones were awesome. While I'm not a fan of nuts, and didn't love the nut scones as much as some of the other ladies did, the tropical ones and these coffee flavored scones were out of this world. So I may have eaten a few of them...

By a few  mean 5. That doesn't include collateral damage (a.k.a stray chocolate chips or chunks of dried mango).

Freshman 15 here I come? 
Ha. Jokes. More like freshman 25.

But it's Sunday, and Sunday is for loving yourself, and your live, and for doing the things that make you smile. And ohhhhh boyyyyy was I smiling when I ate these scones. 

So 10 calories or 1,000 calories (... probably closer to 1500 if we're being honest. I ate A LOT of scone), sometimes you just can't help but love the things that are bad for you. 

And paired with a nice cup of English breakfast tea, good friends, and a beautiful fall day, I assure you that today I love these scones and my life to the fullest. I don't think there's anything unhealthy about that. 

Happy Sunday! 

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