Friday, December 20, 2013

Fashion Friday: monochrome winters (Blogmas Day 1)

Since starting this blog, Fashion Friday hasn't gone so well. 

That's being generous. I have utterly failed at keeping up with my idea to do a fashion post every Friday. Y'all know how this goes though. You say you're going to do something, it turns out it takes a lot of effort, and well... we all saw what happened with Fashion Friday.

This is particularly true for me when it comes to fashion. Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up, putting an outfit together, and looking nice. Nothing boosts my confidence and spirits like a great outfit and a carefully done face of makeup. It's not about the result for me, I just love getting ready. It feels like taking control of the message I send to the world. 

But I just love leggings. And soft fabrics, and not blow-drying my hair, and moccasins. Oh moccasins... mine are so old and smelly that I can't take them off in a room with other people in fear of them killing someone with their odorific presence. 

Not sure why this is relevant. 

THE POINT IS: As much as we all love to browse through glossy pages of magazines, imagining how we could rock that leather jacket or calf-length tulle skirt, most of us just love sweat pants. And why wouldn't we? Comfy is a must in my mind. Add that to the fact that winter has put me in a state of chronic coldness, and you won't be catching me in any skater skirts and cute flats any time soon.
Comfy and warm clothes exclusively.

But today I strove for the middle ground. As much as I like to make excuses for myself and not blow dry my bangs for the third day in a row, comfy and practical does not have to come at the expense of stylish and cool.

Today I had to go to a physician to get a shot, so I needed to be in something short sleeved, but I also wanted to be warm. The Tahoe air is crisp and cool, and warmth has to be the priority.

To meet all my practical needs today, I threw on this short-sleeved cotton sweater and my favorite ponte pants. This top is so casual and comfy: the top is soft, the material is warm, and the short sleeves make it a great piece for layering. The drawstring neck detail also gives it a bit of intrigue and edge while keeping it comfy and loose.

On bottom I'm rocking my Charlotte Russe ponte pants. These pants are unrivaled by anything I've ever owned for the most-worn item in my closet, and they are the single warmest, comfiest, and best quality leggings/pants I've ever owned. They're thick enough that I wear them snowshoeing, comfy enough that I wear them for lounging around, and stylish enough that I've worn them to debate tournaments. These pants no know limits, and they cost $15. I'm swooning.

Of course, this is a fashion post, and as such, would not be complete without some dressing-up. Fashion lesson of the day? Little things make an outfit. I turned this comfy lounge look into a ready-for-anything outfit with two simple tricks: accessories and makeup.

My purse is from Forever 21 and is one of the best purchases I have made. This faux black leather bag is just the right size to carry my phone, wallet, gum, and chapstick, and looks tres chic. (I've always wanted to say that). Paired with a pair of black ankle booties that my sister bought me, and smokey eye makeup, these dark staples turned my comfy look into a monochromatic statement.

The monochrome pallet in dark colors mixed with the blend of comfy and quirky texutres in this look worth so well together! This is a little edgier than I would normally dress, but I love the message that a colorless outfit sends, and the way the shape of the purse and the femininity of heels keep this look girly. It's cozy, casual, comfy, practical, stylish, edgy, and simple all at the same time.

So many adjectives, so much winning.

Of course, no outfit would be complete without a fresh face of makeup. I went for something a lot darker than what I normally wear today, but I liked the smokey eyes with the monochrome outfit. 

I'm wearing my favorite foundation (and can we just acknowledge what a great airbrushed effect it gives!), a little bit of a deep chocolate Chanel eyeshadow blended onto my lids, dark brown thick liner, and mascara. I put a light dusty blush on, and lined my lips in a subtle berry color. The whole look was super simple, took about 10 minutes, and I love the way it looks. 

So, while I'm still getting around to taking the times to wear my bangs down and style them again (sigh... hair is so much work), today we're kicking off Blogmas with a reminder to myself and to all that comfy and stylish can always coexist.

Much ruv,

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