Monday, December 23, 2013

Unnecessarily huge food post (Blogmas day 4... again)

I really didn't mean for this to just be a food blog when I started it. Seriously. I thought I would actually write about things like fashion, and exercise, and writing, and college, and books. 

But no. My life is all about food and thus this blog is all about food.


Just kidding, not sorry at all. I LOVE making (and eating) food. I'll keep the ranting short since I'm about to spam y'all with an unreasonable number of photos, but today I spent six hours in the kitchen cooking, baking, and preparing food for my family and our four guests.

I'm not going to post recipes just because I made way too much food for that to be manageable, but I will include a list of everything I made and would be happy to post further recipes and details upon request.

Kristen's culinary accomplishments of December 23, 2013: 
Almond lemon ricotta bundt cake
Orange cranberry glazed loaf

Sesame ginger glazed steelhead trout
Garlic and lemon roasted broccoli
Brown rice

My family gobbled up all of this happily. The fish in particular got rave reviews. We haven't cut into the bread yet, but I can't wait until tomorrow to see what people say! I'll keep you posted.  For now though, I'm going to try being an actual college student and spend the rest of my night binge-watching Netflix. The rest of my family is watching the 49ers game, and based on the sound of the screaming, stomping, and dog barking upstairs, I think the niners must be doing well.

It's good to be home.

Let the games begin! First up: making a soy, ginger, brown sugar, sesame marinade for my steel-head trout

Next up? Lemon ricotta almond bundt cake

Making glaze
While the bundt was in the oven, I started on my cranberry loaf. These cranberries are coated in flour before going into the batter (which by the way was fantastic... not that I ate any of it)
And the bundt is out of the oven! This cake is little, but serves ate happily. AND it's only 180 calories a slice. WOOT!
My lemon bundt prepares to be glazed

 Meanwhile in kitchen land, my salmon marinaded in the fridge. I took it out to snap this picture before the sun went down. All photos hereafter will have awful orange lighting. Sorrrryyyyy.
And the bundt is glazed and finished!
So is the loaf! This was after adding the simple syrup and glaze. This bread smelled HEAVENLY.
Behold! Finished broccoli. Now it's time to plate :)
Look at that fish. Yum. The original recipe called for salmon, but I think steel-head is the perfect cut of fish for this dish
At the table, awaiting a heaping spoon of brown rice
Grandpa LOVED this fish. I sent him the recipe afterwards
Then it was FINALLY time for dessert
The ricotta makes this cake SUPER dense and moist. Imagine the child of an almond cake and a lemon cheesecake
I love adding a few berries to any dessert plate to make it more elegant. I think they add such a simple touch.
The perfect way to end a great day

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