Friday, May 16, 2014

Back to my roots

Despite what the contents of this blog might suggest, I actually take pictures of things that aren't edible. In fact, before I ever instagrammed my first froyo or took my first "quality" food photograph, I photographed everything but food.

That's actually how this whole adventure started. Before I was a blogger, I was just a really hungry sixteen year old who loved taking pictures of food and playing with plating. Before that, I was a fourteen year old with gorgeous friends who loved taking pictures of her peers in hopes of making them see how special and beautiful they all were. Before that, I was a ten year old who received a digital camera for Christmas and thought it might be cool to take a picture of some clouds and enter them into a contest.

It's a good thing that ten year old won that contest.

Like a lot of kids these days, I cycled through a pretty expansive selection of hobbies in my childhood. I did soccer, ballet, piano, ski racing, swim lessons, tennis, a short exploration in theater and musical theater, journalism, student government, Latin competitions, creative writing, some singing, and yes, even a brief season in both gymnastics and little league.

But out of those activities, photography was the one that always stuck. Not in the aggressive way debate has stuck itself into my life, but in a passive, sentimental way. Photography is like the friend you can go five years without calling and still pick up right where you left off when life finally gives you the time to reunite. Photography is comfy, it's soothing, and it's one of my favorite modes of expression.

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I had the opportunity to photograph one of my most beautiful friends. While I don't often find the time to photograph at school, having my fingers wrapped around the body of my camera and barking directions at my patient, lovely, always enthusiastic model felt not only good, but natural.

I would love to rant on about how beautiful Misha is and how happy I am with the photos, but you can take a look on your own.

Photos are up on my facebook business page. It would be pretty cool if you liked the page too. Despite the update in equipment and expertise, the ten year old inside of me would still really love the support.

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