Wednesday, May 28, 2014

THE best veggie burgers (Happy national burger day!)

I think I've sinned.

I'm not even being that melodramatic right now. See, it's national hamburger day (May 28th) and what did I do? I forced my family to eat veggie burgers.

Flashback to last post: I really hate red meat. I just think it tastes bland and gross. I know, I'm not American/whatever.

But it's my last day at home and I loovvveeee veggie burgers, so to celebrate national burger day, I pulled the "but I'm leaving card" and forced my family to endure my veggie burgers.

And you know what? They loved them.

Not kidding. My carnivore parents scarfed these down and praised them all throughout dinner. These burgers... they're hot stuff.

Why? Because they've got all sorts of flavors, and textures, and just the right amount of heartiness to make you believe you are actually eating something that could even be served on the same menu as a good burger.

These veggie burgers are no frozen disk that you can never seem to cook correctly (is that just me?), they're dense, hearty, flavorful, and honestly delightful.

If you're not a veggie burger lover, then that's okay. Don't think of it as a burger. To be honest, it's not.

It's its own special, magical yummy little veggie contraption.

And don't even get me started on how much better for you than burgers these are.

So when you make these, just remember it's not a hamburger. It's a totally kick-ass sandwich packed with nutrients that you can slam between two pieces of bread and douse with ketchup any day of the year.

So even if I've failed you all on national burger day, make these tomorrow night to give your arteries a nice recovery from whatever damage you may have done today. Or hey, maybe make them every day. They're that good.

p.s. I know I'm taking a risk in calling these "the best," but they are. I mean it.

p.p.s. Sorry for all the pictures.

The best veggie burgers ever
Serves: 4
Cook time: 20 minutes

1 14oz can black beans, drained and rinsed
2 cups chopped broccoli
2 cups portobello mushroom, gills removed and cubed (small pieces)
1/2 cup red onion
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 tsp red pepper flakes
2 tbsp garlic, minced
1/2 tsp thyme
3/4 cup fresh parmesan, grated
1/2 cup panko
3 large eggs
salt and pepper
olive oil
lettuce, tomatoes, and whatever condiments you like to serve (these are great with hummus or guac!)

1. In large bowl mash 1 cup blackbeans (you should reserve 1/2 cup to add later)
2. Once thoroughly mashed, add broccoli, mushrooms, onion, and remaining black beans. Mix evenly.
3. Add worcestershire sauce, pepper fllakes, garlic, thyme, parmesan, panko, and eggs. Mix until everything is combined. Season as desired (I added more red pepper flakes and a fair amount of salt)
4. Heat  non-stick skillet on medium and coat with olive oil
5. While oil is heating, wet your hands (This is important! Wetting your hands first prevents mixture from sticking to your palms) and shape mixture into 4 equal sized patties. (NOTE: You can place them directly into the skillet, but I recommend putting them on wax paper and shaping them first and then transferring them with a spatula)
6. Once oil is barely smoking, place patties in oil and cook for 3-5 minutes or until brown on each side.
7. Serve in lettuce wraps, on brioche rolls, or whatever buns you want. (Pro tip: buns rock when toasted)


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